7:31 Ring and Pinion to Suit Porsche 915 gearbox


7:31 (4.42:1 ratio) Crown Wheel and Pinion to Suit Porsche 915 gearbox.

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7:31 (4.42:1 ratio) Crown wheel and Pinion to suit Porsche 911 with a 915 gearbox – Used but crack tested and in very good condition.  I think the Porsche part number is 915 302 911 16.

Great for shortening the gearing in a low power club car so you can keep up, or just for blasting away from the lights faster!  It will make the car feel like it has 30hp more!

I have plenty of standard ratio gears for 915 and 901 boxes too.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 160 × 200 mm