Heated Windscreen for 911, 964, 993.


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These dual circuit laminated heated windscreens suit early Porsche 911s; or 964 and 993s.   Backdates or Singer style builds use the early screens with the style rubber and lock molding.  These are perfect for road cars that have the heat exchangers removed  (demisting the front windscreen is a legal requirement),  and perfect for race and tarmac rally cars!

They are fully E-Marked for Europe, 43R and AS-Marked for America and Canada and is legal on the road and track in all parts of the world.  The heating elements are virtually invisible!

Note:  The 1964 – 1989 and the 1989 – 1998 964 / 993 screens can be differentiated easily by measuring the center height of the screen.  The earlier 911 screen will be about 602mm ,and the later 964 / 993 screen will be around the 615 – 617mm height as well as being about 20mm wider.  If using a later screen in an earlier car then the matching later rubber without the lock strip needs to be used.

The latest batch has now been sold as of October 2022.