Motec CDL3 Track Kit


Motec CDL3 Track Kit

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Motec CDL3 Track Kit – 2 in stock!


The CDL3 Track Logging Kit is a cost-effective, plug-in Dash Logger solution that offers professional level features without the need for a custom installation. The kit is quick and easy to connect, requiring no previous experience with MoTeC systems. Each component simply plugs into the professionally wired and terminated loom, which is labeled to identify the corresponding connector.


The functionality of the CDL3 is now expanded with the inclusion of the 12 I/O Upgrade, which activates additional CDL3 inputs and outputs.

It allows for:

  • Wiring of 6 sensors into the CDL3 using either a custom loom or MoTeC’s pre-wired CDL3 I/O Loom. This professional quality terminated loom adds 4 analogue voltage inputs and 2 analogue temperature inputs.
  • Use of 2 digital and 3 speed inputs. These are already pre-wired into the button lead of the CDL3 Terminated Loom.
  • Use of 4 auxiliary outputs; these will require custom wiring.


CDL3 Track Logging Kit includes:

  • CDL3 Club Dash Logger
  • SLM-C Club Shift Light Module
  • 10 Hz GPS Two buttons, pre-wired
  • Professional quality plug-in loom, terminated and labeled, with plug-in power adaptor
  • Ethernet Cable
  • 8 MB Internal Logging **NOW INCLUDED AS STANDARD**
  • 12 I/O for additional inputs and outputs **NOW INCLUDED AS STANDARD**
  • i2 Standard data analysis software

CDL3 Track Kit Options:

  • The CDL3 will connect directly to the factory ECU of many late model vehicles using the plug-in OBD-II adaptor (sold separately), providing access to important engine data.
  • Customers with MoTeC ECUs can connect to the CDL3 with our plug-in CAN or RS232 adaptors (sold separately). Some other aftermarket ECUs may also connect with these looms.

Kit Features:

  • Complete, plug-in display and data solution
  • Quick and easy to install with labelled, terminated looms and plug-in power adaptor*
  • Professional quality with entry level pricing
  • Configurable display
  • User-defined alarms and messages
  • GPS data and lap timing
  • Multi-stage shift lights and programmable warning lights with adjustable brightness control (pre-defined pattern)
  • Expandable and portable
  • Suitable for a diverse range of applications
  • Pre-wired to connect directly to factory or aftermarket ECUs (with use of additional cables sold separately)

*The power adaptor can be removed for more permanent wiring to vehicle power

Logging and Analysis

  • Internal data logging of 8 MB **NOW INCLUDED AS STANDARD**
  • Fast download via Ethernet Data analysis with i2 Standard software (included) or optional i2 Pro using a Feature Licence
  • Optional plug-in adaptor looms available for OBD-II, CAN and RS232 provide quick access to data from OEM or aftermarket ECUs
  • Capable of accommodating over 300 channels derived from a mixture of analogue and digital inputs, RS232 and CAN data channels (CDL3 12 I/O upgrade required for analogue and digital inputs – **NOW INCLUDED AS STANDARD**)


  • Customisable screen layout, measurement units and warnings
  • Configurable curved bar graph can display any channel with optional peak, hold and shift markers
  • 48 user-defined alarms, for example Low Oil Pressure, Low Fuel, Fast Lap
  • Programmable overrides – particularly useful for showing values such as lap times
  • Three programmable ‘pages’ for Warm-up, Practice and Race ensure the driver is shown only the most relevant information at any given time
  • Adjustable backlight

Buttons & GPS

  • Pre-wired with a terminated, plug-in loom
  • GPS Compact unit with magnetic base
  • Pre-configured for use with MoTeC Dash Loggers
  • Provides speed, position, lap timing, track mapping, date, time and more